Our Services

We have a team of professionals with experience in procuring staffing services leading recruiters globally to meet our customers business needs. Our goal is to align with your needs and take responsibility of your hiring needs. We can meet with your hiring needs through one of the following models

Staff augmentation:
We will dedicate a partner to work with you, evaluate/understand the areas where you are looking for additional help and provide the required support to meet those requirements.

Contract to hire:
If you are looking for flexible options to bring a contractor on board for a specific period of time after which you would like to take a long term decision then we will be flexible to accommodate this requirement in our services.

Direct hire:
Some of our customers have leveraged our experience to identify the right talent and customizable on-boarding process by engaging us to their talent search partner.

How we recruit

We have a very detailed four step process for recruitment

A. Screening
We rely on all the industry recognized channels for recruiters to locate the right skills for your requirement. We have an extensive skill database which is in many cases a more reliable source for the right fitment. All the shortlisted candidates go through an initial phone screen, followed by either an in-person or video screening. We also have the ability to administer online tools for skill validation.

B. Selection process
We deploy a dedicated person to better understand the customer requirements and the screened candidates will go through this person before a candidate is presented to our customer. The candidates skills and the internal assessment are shared with customer to provide the transparency required in the process.

C. Checks and references
We will establish a checklist of validations required before confirming a candidate. This checklist could include items like drug tests, background checks and other reference validations.

D. Onboarding process
We will work with you to put together a detailed process for onboarding. For many of our customers, this is a time consuming process and we have the ability to take full responsibilty working closely with your HR organization.


We provide a variety of skills across multiple industry domains. Below is a representative set of roles, technology and industry domains that we operate in

Web technologies
Project Managers
Infrastructure management
Business Analysts
Database management
Financial Services
Business Intelligence
Mobile platforms


Our team of professional recruiters with experience in procuring staffing services can provides agile and reliable staffing services to a broad range of technology domains. We have developed processes to cater to your needs of staff augmentation, contract to hire or direct hire.



Our service offerings are aligned to the needs of broad spectrum of industry segments and flexible to meet the unique business requirements. We have executed successful value added projects industries- Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing.